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Salty Breeze

September and October Special: $299/night

September and October are start of school in the US and is the best time of the year to visit Tulemar because you have the resort all to yourself!  They are also the best two months of the year for humpback whale sightings as well!  Daytime weather is usually perfect, and we get some great rains at night to water the plants!  My favorite place on Earth is in the Salty Breeze Balcony Jacuzzi at night in September/October, with the fire LED’s giving off the campfire feel and the sounds of the jungle rain mixing with the waves crashing below!

Salty Breeze

Fill in the gaps Special: $299/night

If you are looking for a cheaper way to experience Tulemar for just one night!  Any night where we are booked before and after, write and we can give you a huge discounted price!

Latest Tulemar News

Releasing Baby Sea Turtles
December 2, 2019

Today Jose Serrano, Conceirge from our Villa Salty Breeze, took our new friends and their family out to bury some sea turtle eggs so they can incubate. Lots of times turtles will bury their eggs in bad places along the beach, and the eggs will get smashed by people or vehicles or eaten by animals.  There are some locals that have set up organizations and safe places on the beach where turtle eggs can be relocated.  Today, while Jose and our new friends were burying the eggs this tour funded collection of, the person in charge of the turtle sanctuary asked us if we wanted to be part of releasing a batch of baby sea turtles!  The baby turtles are released about every two weeks, but if you ask concierge Jose in advance of your stay and book the sea turtle releasing tour, your tour money will go to the hiring of more workers to collect eggs from unsafe areas.  This makes for a higher chance you can be part of a “release party” while you are here.  Not only is this an activity you and your kids will remember for the rest of their lives, it also makes sure that our sea turtle population continues to grow each year, and makes for a brighter future!