Why Tulemar?

Why Tulemar Resort?

Tulemar's Private Beach

Tulemar has the only private beach on the Central Pacific of Costa Rica. That means you can relax in the beach chairs, use the Kayaks, and even order room service, all without anyone bothering you or trying to sell you anything. Tulemar’s beach is also the only beach in the area that is safe to use at night. If sitting on the beach at night, listening to the ocean and watching the stars is on the agenda, Tulemar is where you want to be!

Most Wildlife in Costa Rica

There is more wildlife in Tulemar than in any national park in Costa Rica. It is the busiest Monkey, Sloth and Macaw corridor in the world. Tulemar is also home to the sloth rehabilitation center, and Tulemar offers guided sloth walks daily.  Monkeys will visit the balcony several times a day, so make sure not to leave any food out!  Several scarlet macaws, hummingbirds and toucans also live in Tulemar, so make sure to bring your camera! 

Very Safe

Tulemar is the safest place in Costa Rica. Half the family want to go ATV or fishing, while the other half wants to enjoy the beach?  No reason at all to worry about family members staying back to enjoy Tulemar, they will be safe and happy when you get back! Want to go for a walk on the beach at midnight? In Tulemar, it will be just you, some hermit crabs, the stars and the Ocean!

Full Time Assistant

Mr. Jose Serrano is one of our full time assistants who is standing by your whole stay here, and will be able to help you with any and everything you need!  Jose grew up here in the Manuel Antonio area, and can give you a real local perspective on where to go, what to do, where to eat, and what to skip! Before Tulemar, Jose worked at a nearby ranch with ATV’s, waterfalls and Ziplines so he knows where the excitement is!  Jose is also always in contact with the Costa Rica Sea Turtle rescue facility nearby, so he always knows when the next group of baby sea turtles are about to be released! 

Plenty of Food Options

Tule Cafe is located in the heart of Tulemar and has an amazing Pacific view! Want to eat on the beach or in your villa? Tule Cafe has you covered, and has setup a few tables right by the waves of our private Tulemar Beach! Wanting to get out and explore? There are dozens of cool eats, all within a 5 minute walk from the front gate. Wanting to stay in and relax?  Mr Jose has you covered as well!  He made a book of menus and phone numbers from all the best restaurants in the area who deliver right to your front door in Tulemar!   

Best Weather in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio is situated on the west side of the Cordillera Central Mountain Range of Costa Rica.  This gives us great weather all year.  For half day year, from December to April, we have the completely dry season.  Then from May to November, we have the heavy night rain season (but sunny days).  It rains significantly less here during the day in our “rainy season” then most places in the United States.

Right in Middle of Manuel Antonio

Although everything you need for your amazing Costa Rica Vacation can be found right here in Tulemar, should you want to venture out, Tulemar is right in the middle of town of Manuel Antonio.   There are tons of coffee houses, beaches, places to eat and grocery stores all around. We are also only a 5 minute car ride to Manuel Antonio National Park, shown in the picture above.

Free Neighborhood Shuttle

Tulemar Shuttle

Being built on the side of a hill means Tulemar has amazing views.  If climbing up and down the hill doesn’t sound like vacation, just call the shuttle!  Lots of groups enjoy walking down through Tulemar Resort to the beach to see all the Monkeys, sloths and birds.  And then when you are ready to come back up, there is a phone to call the shuttle right at the beach!

Community Pools

There are several pools on site, so when you want to go swimming there is always a cool pool nearby!  The pools also have full restaurant service and telephones by them, so while you are enjoying your day at the pool, just pick up the phone and the onsite Tule Cafe will bring it right  over!

Amazing Ocean Views

Tulemar was very carefully built so there are tons of trees and jungle, but they do not block the amazing Pacific Ocean views from the balconies.  All the two and three bedroom villas have balcony Jacuzzi’s as well. Nothing is better suited to erase the stress of life than an ocean view Jacuzzi!  All the villas are also setup with outdoor hangout areas and dining tables, so you can enjoy your vacation with the blue Pacific as your backdrop!

Individual Homes and Villas

It is so much more relaxing having a house all to yourselves without people you don’t know “right on the other side of the wall”.  Private Villas give you and your family all the privacy you want, and they are spread out far enough so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors, or your neighbors disturbing you!

Hiking Trails

Tulemar has some great hiking trails which are full of wildlife.  They are not too steep or long, allowing the whole family to enjoy them. For those who like a challenge, check out our Reto Mae trail which starts by the Marina Pez Vela and ends on Tulemar Beach (actual view from trail in picture).  The MAE is steep and takes about two hours and is for guests willing to get muddy and sweaty!  

Latest Tulemar News

Burying Sea Turtle Eggs
December 2019

Today Mr. Jose took our new friends and their family out to relocate some turtle eggs to the Sea Turtle Sanctuary on a protected remote beach nearby. Last night, the money from their tour paid the famous “El Salvador” to comb the heavily populated Cocal beach area looking for poorly placed turtle nests. After a long night out, he finally found a nest right in the middle of a major walking path. Salvador knew that a person or animal would accidentally damage the nest, so he quickly removed the eggs and made his way to the sanctuary. Final tally was 105 eggs which we believe to be leatherback turtles, all relocated to the safety of the sanctuary. The kids were 5 and 7, and they loved digging the hole and burying the set of freshly discovered eggs so they could incubate. And Milo, who runs the sanctuary, had one more surprise waiting for us. Some of the eggs relocated a month ago had just hatched, so we got to watch about 40 baby sea turtles make their way to the sea! It was an amazing way to spend the morning in Costa Rica!