How to get to Tulemar

Getting to Costa Rica

Fly to SJO

Juan SantaMaria airport code: SJO

San Jose, Costa Rica

When buying airline tickets, a good place to start would be Expedia.  You can also check on the American Airline and United websites and sometimes they have good prices directly as well.  We have vans that run 24/7 to the airport, so no matter your arrival time, we can always get you to Tulemar!

San Jose Costa Rica Airport

San Jose Airport to Tulemar Resort

Private Shuttle

Most Popular Option


  • Cheapest Option for groups of more than 2
  • Can pick up ANYTIME 24/7
  • Driver can stop at Walmart on way here
  • Driver can stop for food as well
  • Good Roads
  • Van leaves right away when you get out of airport
  • No baggage limits
  • Jose can set up trip
  • Consistent price all year


  • About 2.5 hours from San Jose to Quepos


  • $200 USD each way per group (not per person)

Small Commercial Flight

Sansa Flight Tulemar

Good balance of price and convenience


  • Cheapest Option for groups of 1 or 2
  • Flight takes 20 minutes


  • Only flies during day
  • Usually you end up waiting on flight at least 45 minutes
  • Just one bag allowed with weight limit
  • Can only reserve on FlySansa website


  • Around $100 USD each way per person (varies seasonally)

Private Flight

Charter Flight Costa Rica

Good balance of price and convenience


  • Plane leaves when you are ready 
  • Flight takes 20 minutes
  • Plane can fly anytime the weather is good and sun is out
  • Pretty much always available
  • Jose can set up flight


  • Only flies during day
  • Aircraft has weight limit
  • Most expensive option


  • Vaires alot, but around  $1000 USD each way per group of 6 (bigger and smaller planes available)

Latest Tulemar News

Releasing Baby Sea Turtles
December 2, 2019

Today Jose Serrano, Concierge from our Villa Salty Breeze, took our new friends and their family out to bury some sea turtle eggs so they can incubate. Lots of times turtles will bury their eggs in bad places along the beach, and the eggs will get smashed by people or vehicles or eaten by animals.  There are some locals that have set up organizations and safe places on the beach where turtle eggs can be relocated.  Today, while Jose and our new friends were burying the eggs this tour funded collection of, the person in charge of the turtle sanctuary asked us if we wanted to be part of releasing a batch of baby sea turtles!  The baby turtles are released about every two weeks, but if you ask concierge Jose in advance of your stay and book the sea turtle releasing tour, your tour money will go to the hiring of more workers to collect eggs from unsafe areas.  This makes for a higher chance you can be part of a “release party” while you are here.  Not only is this an activity you and your kids will remember for the rest of their lives, it also makes sure that our sea turtle population continues to grow each year, and makes for a brighter future!